Top 10 Reasons Why Dealerships Fail at Answering Incoming Phone Calls


1. Paper bag failureNo formal training.   Without it, failure is a certainty.

2. Using “scripts”. Telling staff they have to follow a rigid “script” only leads to customer skepticism about doing business with your store.  Proper training emphasizes flexible, customized word tracks that give staff the confidence to pick up a phone and sound like they are speaking with a friend.

3. Having managers conduct the training.  OK, you have good managers, but are they really professional trainers who specialize in telephone skills?  People are always more receptive to learning from an outside specialist than their regular supervisor.

4. Asking a generic training company to cover telephone skills.  There are dozens of quality training companies to help your sales or service or parts departments become more profitable.  None really train all departments well, and only Worldwide Phone Pops will travel to your dealership with a single focus: proper telephone techniques.  When you have a fever, you can visit your family doctor; when you need surgery, you see a specialist.

5. Distance-based training (over the phone or online).  The only truly effective method of telephone skills training is “live” and at your dealership.

6.  Believing that monitoring incoming calls will “train” your people.  Web-based call monitoring-recording systems can be a good tool to give people feedback, but merely listening to a call does not actually train people. In order for people to truly develop the proper skills, they need the right word tracks that will convince a customer to do business with them (and not the next dealership they call).

7. “Once is enough” mentality.  If you train your people once, will they remember forever?  Any quality training system needs to be continuous to be effective.

8. DVDs / videotapes.  How focused are people staring at a television?  If they are watching their favorite movie or TV show, fine.  However, when it comes to absorbing comprehensive training material, only live, in-dealership training captures their attention in an interactive environment.

9.  No follow up after the training.  Does your current training system mystery shop the staff between training visits and send detailed scoring sheets to objectively evaluate progress?  Do you even have a current training system?

10. Procrastination, procrastination.  Every dealership knows that properly handled incoming phone calls are critical to success, yet far too many dealerships let mediocrity consume the situation.  When you realize it is time for your staff to move to the next level, call us at 800-Phone-Pop (800-746-6376) to schedule a free evaluation and consultation on your dealership’s unique situation.