How Phone Skills Training Can Benefit Your Dealership

Phone handling skills are vital for an auto dealership to maximize the return on their advertising dollar. Poor phone skills result in lost sales, poor customer relationships and lower gross. Giving away too much information only allows the customer to shop your numbers someplace else. There are even occasions where the salesperson does not give enough information and loses interest of the customer completely. With effective telephone skills training, techniques will be retained and utilized to increase appointments and therefore promote sales.

Phone skills training for auto dealers include refined training seminars that are designed to handle every phone call from the very first word spoken. It will instruct the salesperson to avoid use of “scripts” and sound natural with successful word tracks.

Avoid use of scripted responses

Traditional sales scripts are usually filled with sales tactics that quickly turn customers off. It also makes the salesperson sound unnatural and have an insincere tone of voice. That does not mean that every phone call is completely made up and does not follow a plan, the main goal of the call is to get them to the destination the sales agent leads them to. The right sales agent will know what to say, which questions to ask, how to answer questions during a call.

Identifying weak factors in the sales process will allow for correction and promote successful calls. There will be poor attempts every so often, but the confidence in a successful sales process will allow the agent to bounce back with the next call.

These are only a few strategies learned from phone skills training. Each task given to a sales agent can be mastered with proper training and technique.

For more information visit the professionals at Phone Pops for a free consultation. Your dealership will be challenged to accept the battle with incoming calls and transcend customer satisfaction. Phone skills training for auto dealers can be enhanced at every level. Discover the missing ingredient for your dealership’s success today.