Car Dealership Mystery Shopping

Telephone Mystery Shopping

“Hear What Your Customers Hear”

Telephone Mystery Shopping for Auto DealershipsIf you haven’t had your dealership mystery shopped by telephone recently, it’s an instant wake-up call to everyone who answers the phones!

Our professional shoppers call your dealership’s departments, and ask the very same questions your customers do every day. We then put the conversations onto audio CD, and mail those CDs directly to your dealership. Now you can INspect what you EXpect from your people.

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Find out who is and who’s not getting names, phone numbers, and appointments from your precious incoming calls in sales, service and parts!

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To place an order, call us at (800) PHONE-POP (800-746-6376).

Our mystery shopping CDs are the finest training tool available for improving your dealership’s overall telephone skills. We use these CDs in our professional telephone training seminars throughout the United States and Canada.

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Shocking Facts on Incoming Dealership Calls


  • 84% quote discounts, payments, or price on trades.
  • 71% of salespeople do not ask invite the customer to come to the dealership on the first incoming call.
  • 46% of salespeople do not ask customers for a phone number, and 87% don’t ask for the proper phone number.
  • 68% tell the customer to sell their own trade privately.
  • 42% do not ask the customer’s name.
  • 76% do not know how to handle internet and price grinder calls.


  • 95% quote higher prices than independent shops, giving customers an incentive to take the vehicle somewhere else.
  • 86% try to diagnose the customer’s problem on the phone.
  • 57% of all Service Advisors do not ask the customer for an appointment.
  • 41% do not follow the dealership’s own C.S.I. policies.
  • 81% give out mechanical repair prices before they know what’s really wrong.

Parts Counter

  • 34% answer, “Parts – hold.”
  • 98% do not ask for the sale in both retail and wholesale.
  • 46% keep the customer on hold for long periods of time.
  • 53% rush the customer off the phone.
  • 63% do not answer the phone within six rings.