Automotive Dealership Phone Skills Coaching

Increase Productivity and Sales with Car Dealership Phone Sales Coaching by Phone Pops

We are often asked the question: does Worldwide Phone Pops conduct phone skills "training" or "coaching"?  The answer is "both". Find out how Phone Pops can increase your sales with automotive dealership phone skills coaching that really works.

 “With the big dollars we spend in advertising, I need to protect it by making sure my people handle the phones right. Phone Pops has provided training for me at different dealerships and always gives people the tools they need to be successful on the phones.”

Chris Pass, General Manager, W. I Simonson Mercedes-Benz

How our Automotive Dealership Phone Skills Coaching Work

At our initial car dealership phone sales coaching session, we provide the nuts and bolts word tracks that enable your people to control the conversation, make a friend on the phone, and get the customer in door.  Since your staff has likely not had any professional phone skills coaching when we first arrive, we’ll play mystery shopping calls from other car dealerships.  We refer to these calls as "The Classics" as they are from vintage 1980s and 1990s that really demonstrate how to, and how not to, answer incoming calls.

As we return for our second and subsequent visits, we actually play your staff’s own mystery shopping calls back to them in our coaching sessions.  In a respectful yet accountable manner, we show them what they’re doing right, and how they can improve. Image what your staff could do with a little automotive dealership phone skills coaching! Contact Worldwide Phone Pops today for more information on our mystery shopping for car dealerships or read more about our automotive dealership telephone skills training program.