Shopping FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about our Mystery Shopping

  • pic2How exactly does it work?

    Our professional shoppers call your dealership’s departments, and ask the very same questions your customers do every day. We then put the conversations onto audio CD, and mail those CDs directly to your dealership. As a reminder, all phone conversations are between our shoppers and your personnel…we never record any real customer calls.

  • How do I make the best use of the CDs when I get them?

    First and foremost, we strongly advocate that you play the mystery shopping calls back to your people in a group meeting. This gives everyone (even those people who weren’t shopped) the feedback on how to (and how not to) handle the incoming calls. Then, we suggest the person who was shopped be given the first opportunity to evaluate their own call, and to suggest what they could have done differently. Finally, everyone else should be allowed to offer positive comments on what could have been improved.

  • Is recording telephone conversations legal?

    Absolutely, and we’ve done it since 1982. All of our dealers pre-notify their personnel that the shopping will take place sometime in the near future. This removes any element of confidentiality as to incoming phone calls. Your people don’t have to know exactly which calls are shopper or which ones are a real customer. As a practical matter, most of our clients already have their people sign a notification form upon hiring that puts everyone on notice that shopping could be conducted anytime.

  • Do you make all the calls in one day?

    Never! Unless you request a rush, we spread the shopping over a seven to ten day period to naturally blend the calls into your regular customer calls.

  • How are the calls identified on CD?

    Each CD has a jewel case label that shows the department, name of person shopped, along with the date and time of the call. We put all your calls on a single CD, and send you enough duplicate copies for each department we shop. For example, if we are shopping your sales, service, and parts departments, we would send you three identical CDs, each with calls from all departments.

  • How can I customize my shopping?

    We encourage all of our clients to fax us copies of their new and used vehicle advertising, along with any service and parts coupons or mailers. We then shop directly off your ads for maximum effectiveness. Also, if you have a particular concern you need addressed, we have the experience to get the answers you’re looking for.