Fixed Ops Seminar

Just a Few of the Topics Covered in Worldwide Phone Pops’ Seminars for
Fixed Operations

Note: All Fixed Operations training is conducted in two separate yet identical seminars…allowing us to train 1/2 of your people in each meeting. We don’t take everyone away from customers at the same time!

  • Service Advisors

    • Maximize customer appointments from the phones
    • Advanced techniques to avoid diagnosing customer’s vehicles over the phone…even with pushy customers
    • Upsell each R.O. written, both on the drive and after the vehicle has been inspected by the technician
    • How to better compete with independent shops who charge substantially less for labor and parts
    • Handle price grinders using a non-confrontational approach
  • Parts Counter

    • Turn Parts people into “Salespeople”
    • How to avoid losing the sale when you don’t have it in stock
    • Capture missing service business by getting more retail parts callers talking to service advisors


  • Body Shop

    • Selling the FREE estimate in a whole new way
    • Benefit selling by estimators…especially with cash customers