Receptionists & Cashiers

Just a Few of the Topics Covered in Worldwide Phone Pops’ Seminars for
Receptionists & Cashiers

Note: All receptionist and cashier training is conducted in two separate yet identical seminars…allowing us to train 1/2 of your people in each meeting. We don’t take everyone away from customers at the same time!

  • Receptionists

    • How to answer with the right greeting that gets the customer to the right department as fast as possible
    • Knowing what customer questions to answer…and which ones to direct to other departments
    • Handling unfriendly (and even downright upset) customers
    • What to do when the customer demands to talk to people who don’t answer their phones
    • How to operate as the “air traffic controller” of the dealership’s incoming calls
  • Cashiers

    • Understanding dealership payment policies to avoid “unpleasant consequences” (ranging from poor C.S.I. to customer litigation)
    • Reducing the amount of customers who pick up the vehicle and say: “Why is the bill so high?”
    • Working with the service department to better assist callers when the advisors are not available