Sales Content

Just a Few of the Topics Covered in Worldwide Phone Pops’ Seminars for
Salespeople and Sales Managers

  • Phone Numbers

    • Right and wrong ways to ask for a number
    • Which phone number to always ask for
    • What to do when customers object to giving a number
  • Setting Appointments

    • Why the word “appointment” shouldn’t be used
    • The only two reasons to invite the customer in
    • Fallback positions when the customer won’t commit
  • Used Vehicles

    • Handling the ad call on a used car that’s been sold
    • Making your vehicles sound more appealing than others
  • New Vehicles

    • Handling color specific buyers (when you don’t have it)
    • Price comparison shoppers – why you want their business
  • Financing & Rates

    • Using third-party techniques that avoid confrontation
    • Telling bad credit customers what they want to hear
    • How not to quote numbers that others will beat


  • Trades

    • Avoiding the trap of quoting values or ranges
    • Using the trade to your advantage (when others aren’t)
  • And Even…

    • Dealing with the “Internet – Invoice” shopper
    • Getting customers back in the front door after walk-outs
    • Overcoming every possible objection on the phone