Training Content


“We need the training… so what exactly do you cover?”

Our Telephone Training Seminars have been constantly refined since 1982 to be compatible with any dealership’s selling system. Over 37% of our content has been revised in just the last two years alone!

We cover absolutely every aspect of how to handle the incoming call, from the first words spoken by each employee to getting the customer in and everything in between.

Why ‘Scripts’ Don’t Work on the Telephone…

What do people hate most? Somebody sticking a ‘script’ in their hand and saying: “Here, go read this over the phone to a customer”. The words are rarely comfortable for them to use… so people simply end up not using them. Worse, a pre-formatted call script (i.e., a sequential list of questions & answers) is completely useless when the customer gets ‘off script’ (and they usually do).

…and Why Customized ‘Word Tracks’ Do!

Our seminars have evolved into highly interactive workshops where we coach your people how to write successful ‘word tracks’ in language that is comfortable for them to actually use on the phone. Now they sound natural and look forward to taking calls!