Training FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about our Telephone Training Seminars

  • Where is your training conducted?

    We conduct 100% of our training live at individual dealerships. This is the best proven method of training.

  • pic17What departments do you train?

    We train 1) Sales, 2) Fixed Operations, and 3) Receptionists/Cashiers. Sales is always conducted apart from Fixed Operations. Most of our clients ask us to train Fixed Operations and Receptionist/Cashiers as a team. We always train Fixed Operations in two separate yet identical seminars so that half your personnel can come to each meeting without taking everyone away from customers at once.

  • What training formats do you offer?

    We offer our one day seminars throughout the United States and Canada. We also offer a continuous, ongoing training program where we conduct recurring seminars at your dealership to ensure maximum proficiency on the telephone.

  • I’m concerned about an outside trainer coming in and “changing” my selling system. Will you?

    Absolutely not! Our training is 100% compatible with any dealership’s selling system. We don’t train walk-arounds, demos, write-ups, or any part of the sales process except for one: turning phone pops into ups. Worldwide Phone Pops simply puts “our train on your track.”

  • Won’t my people forget what they learned in training?

    A legitimate concern, and one that we have squarely addressed. First, our initial training for all dealerships includes a separate session exclusively for managers. In this seminar, we train managers how to train people on an ongoing basis on telephone techniques. Further, our Mystery Shopping gives managers the tools they need to train their people by playing the audio CDs of the conversations back to their people in a group meeting.

    Click HERE to learn more about our Mystery Shopping.

  • Haven’t video tapes / DVDs / web-casts made live seminars obsolete?

    No, and no form of technology ever will. Our research has shown that the best learning environment is a live seminar where people have the ability to ask questions of the trainer. In fact, our seminars have evolved into highly interactive workshops where your staff will have the opportunity to customize their own word tracks that are most comfortable for them to actually use.

  • I heard somewhere you have a “Money Back Guarantee”. How does that work?

    Training companies that don’t offer a solid guarantee are simply not confident in their seminar content, or are too new to take the risk. We’ve been in business since 1982 and are proud to offer the following guarantee:

  • If after attending our seminar, you honestly don’t feel your dealership will earn as much in additional gross profit as the cost of the seminar itself, your training is FREE. All we ask is that the Dealer or General Manager authorize the training and personally attend the entire seminar. There will be a small, non-refundable deposit due at booking to help offset some of our travel expenses. In all our years in business, no dealership has ever refused to pay for our training, and we’re confident yours won’t be the first.

  • What about training people over the telephone lines?

    Great theory, poor results. This type of training requires the dealership employee to set a firm appointment for training several days in advance. As you can probably guess, many of these scheduled training sessions never happen , since salespeople can get an “up” anytime (and the service advisor’s work is never on a set schedule). It’s not uncommon for a dealership with 20 salespeople to have as many as five or ten miss the over-the-phone training altogether. We know from experience…we experimented with this method over a decade ago and will never go back to it. When all is said and done, live, interactive seminars remain the superior training method.

  • How much does your training cost?

    Our training is the finest anywhere, yet surprisingly affordable. Call us and ask to speak to a training consultant who will identify your training needs and quote you an all-inclusive price for your dealership. Unlike many other training companies that quote “teaser” or “leader” prices, our pricing is straight forward and always includes our travel expenses. If any training company tries to give you a bill for meals, hotel, or airfare, you’re working with the wrong company!

  • I have a couple of other questions. Where can I get the answers?

    Listen to our FREE 17-minute audio CD: “The GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY of Incoming Dealership Calls”.

    Click HERE to download or order the CD. It will likely answer any other questions you may have.