Training Myths

Myths” vs. “Facts” On training salespeople about phones

  • pic16My sales managers were once good salespeople, so they must be great trainers.

    Yes, most sales managers were (and still are) good at selling… that’s how they became managers. But why were they good at selling? More often than not, they were more aggressive, hard working, and had more natural talent to sell cars than everyone else. Few if any salespeople are promoted to management for their ability to develop comprehensive training programs from scratch.

  • Hey, my sales managers may not be professional trainers, but at least they can teach my salespeople the “basics” of how to answer incoming calls.

    68% of today’s sales managers use “basics” that are old-school approaches to merely getting names and numbers. To learn why yesterday’s techniques simply don’t work in today’s marketplace, listen to our FREE 17-minute audio CD:

  • “The GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY of Incoming Dealership Calls”

  • We already have a call monitoring service (Who’s Calling, Call Source, etc.) so we hear every call.

    These services only provide monitoring via computers which are not accessible to salespeople. Few salespeople ever hear their own calls, and fewer yet actually learn from them without professional training. However, many of our clients ask us to download these actual customer calls, burn them onto audio CD, and then play them back in our actual seminars.

  • We have high turnover! Training is just a waste of money.

    Without a doubt, training is the most profitable investment in any dealership. Better yet, telephone skills training has the highest, most immediate return of any all.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What percentage of my sales start with the telephone?

    (in most dealerships, it’s 50%; in luxury stores, it’s 70+%)

  • What percentage of my current sales calls are being converted into ups?

    (in most dealerships, it’s a dismal 18%)

  • With proper training, what would that percentage be?

    (a properly trained salesperson can bring in 40%+ of their incoming calls)

  • What is my gross profit (front and back) per vehicle?

    (you can almost predict the next question before you read it)

  • How much money am I losing each month by not giving my people proper telephone training?